Whether it’s rallying for a cause, working to improve the lives of local youth, supporting an area celebration, or simply helping a community through a tough time, there is never a shortage of good people coming together for an important cause. We, at Staples Oil Co., Inc. are extremely proud of these individuals and communities who dedicate their time and resources to helping others. This sense of pride and community are a part of our core beliefs as well and the reason we continue to support these efforts by giving back.

Here is a list of just a few of the important causes that we’ve proudly supported over the past number of years:

  • Area Relay for Life Chapters for Cancer Research
  • The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
  • Public School Systems and Booster Clubs
  • Area 4-H Clubs, FFA Chapters, and other Youth Agricultural Programs
  • Local Chambers of Commerce and Community Sponsored Events
  • Community Youth Improvement Programs