Company History

Staples Enterprises History

Staples Oil Co., Inc. & Staples Enterprises, Inc.

In 1972, Alan Staples and Linda Staples moved to Windom, MN. Alan was named the Standard Oil Agent and began servicing the Windom community with bulk fuels. What started as a “one-man” business, soon began to change as he purchased the business from Amoco, and in 1975 incorporated his business naming it Staples Oil Co., Inc., which operated a bulk fuel plant, warehouse, and lube oil facility. In 1981, he purchased the Phillips 66 station and shortly after purchased the Food ‘N Fuel along with other properties across Southern Minnesota and in South Dakota.

In 1980, Alan and Linda Staples invested in the Windom community by building the Staples Oil Co., Inc. headquarters in town. A number of years later, in 1998, Alan’s son, Brent Staples, moved home to Windom and began working in the business. Together, they continued to grow their bulk fuels and transport business. Staples Oil Co., Inc. currently has bulk fuel locations in Windom, MN; Sanborn, MN; Pemberton, MN; Shakopee, MN; and Fulda/Dundee, MN.

Staples Oil Co., Inc.’s transport division also works hard at supplying customers every day with their fuel needs.

Brent and Alan also developed the Convenience Store operations of their business and created Staples Enterprises, Inc.

Staples Enterprises, Inc. currently operates 16 Convenience Stores serving communities in Southern MN and South Dakota.

In 2007, the headquarters were relocated to the Windom Industrial Park and remain at that location where Brent Staples is President of Staples Oil Co., Inc. and Staples Enterprises, Inc. Brent lives near Windom with his wife, Nicole, and four children, Daniel, Will, Olivia, and Jordan.

Alan and Brent Staples