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Gift Cards


We offer a variety of gift cards that can be used at our store locations as well as gift cards to your favorite stores.

Visit our gift card kiosk for the variety of options.

(Options vary by store.)


New Products


Check out the newest products conveniently available at your ExpressWay store.


Candy & Sweets

  • Milky Way Simply Caramel King Size Candy Bar
  • Snickers Extreme Nut King Size Candy Bar
  • M&M Crispy Kings Size Candies
  • 3-Musketeers Mint Bites
  • Nestle Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup
  • Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Brownie Supreme Snacks


  • Planters Salted Caramel Peanuts
  • Planters Sea Salt and Vinegar Peanuts


  • Kool Aid Ready to Drink 16oz
    • Tropical Punch
    • Grape
    • Cherry Limeade

Chewing Gum

  • Juicy Fruit Starburst Cherry Gum
  • Juicy Fruit Starburst Strawberry Gum
  • Wrigley’s 5 Temo Gum
  • Wrigley’s Extra Sweet Orange Gum
  • Orbit Citrus Remix Gum

Pretzels, Chips & Snacks

  • Combo’s Sweet & Salty Vanilla Frosting Pretzel
  • Combo’s Sweet & Salty Caramel Crème Pretzel
  • Totino’s Pizza Chips
  • Kellogg’s Peanut Butter Pop Tarts

In-Store Specials


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Visit our locations in Alden, Sleepy Eye, and Windom to enjoy our monthly broaster special!