You’re never far away from a full line of convenience items. You’ll find ExpressWay stores have delicious food and beverages, oil and washer fluid, phone chargers, lottery tickets and more!

Plus, no matter what the season, count on ExpressWay to have the items for you, your family and your vehicle! See our specials and more to see how you can save.

Candy & Snacks

From sweet to salty and everything in between, choose from our vast selection of candy and snacks.

Cooler Items

Hydrate how you please. Our cooler section keeps your favorite soda pop, juice, milk, tea and water cold and ready to go!


Hoping to win big? Try your luck with lottery tickets, scratch-offs, raffles and more.

Magazines & Newspapers

Catch up on the latest news. Most of our stores carry popular magazines and/or local and regional newspapers.

Phone Chargers

Forgot to pack your phone charger or just can’t seem to find it? We have you covered with compatible chargers for most phones.

Coffee & Cappuccino

Need a pick-me-up? Try our delicious coffees and cappuccinos! We have the classics, as well as unique flavors and seasonal options.


Check out our assortment of deli items to satisfy your hunger. We have breakfast items, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, corn dogs, rolls, or muffins at select locations!

Car Care

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our selection of motor oils, washer fluids and other car essentials.